Monday, August 31, 2009

A bit about myself

Three years ago, I decided that it was time to turn my hobby of writing romance into a career, so I began by studing professional writing at TAFE and enrolling in a wonderful short course on writing romance with Anne Gracie at the CAE. Here I learned the foundation stones for writing great romance. On her recommendation I went to the Australian Romance Writers Conference in Melbourne where I also learned a great deal and met amazing people. But most of all the experience left me 100 percent certain that I wanted to immerse myself in the beautiful world of romance writing. Staying at the 5 star Langham hotel probably helped.
Recently I attended my second RWAust. Conference in Brisbane. I arrived home exhausted but keen as mustard to get back into my writing.
However the housework and washing waiting for me after only four days absence was startling (some of my conference buddies will relate to this). Back to talking about writing, the Prescott Sister Series, being written for Category Romance, is making headway. The first in the series has been submitted for publication and I am working on completing the second book which is set in England and Scotland. It's lovely writing this because everyday I get to relive the wonderful time I had when I toured there. The highlight for me was visiting Jane Austen's house, my heroine is enjoying it also. Unlike me she has her hero accompany her there. Oh bliss.

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